Born-Engineers? Who are they? What are they? Why are you interested in them alone? There is so much of poverty around then why do you want to trace them, track them and work for them? Do you really think that you will be able to do anything substantial for them? It is such a gigantic problem?

These and many more such questions invariably confront us while we are in the field. We do well to recall the words of the famous Indian economist, V. K. R. V. Rao, “India is poor because it is poor.” That is a status statement.

We can change this by positive intervention. The first step in positive intervention is creating awareness that the problem exists. Some people reject the idea of poverty. Some people abhor the idea of the scale of poverty that exists. Many accept the situation.

We ask you to take that one positive step of putting the small fish back into the sea after a sea-storm. Not all may survive, but those that manage to go back, will. Today it depends upon you how many will survive and prosper. You be the change.

You can make a difference by acknowledging the poor and poverty. That is the first positive step.

You can then take the next logical step for others like you to acknowledge the same.

You can simply do this by organizing a simple tea party or working lunch. ALHF volunteers and activists will come and make a presentation about poverty eradication, the Born-Engineers, students at ALHF Learning Centres and the process of transformation and empowerment happening in the lives of 300 children.

If you have an internet connection and would like to organize this meet through the internet amongst a group of friends, relatives and probable associates, we will do the online presentation at a pre-determined time.

Spare time this weekend. Organise a Born-Engineers Awareness Meet. Believe us. The journey to this new world will be worth it.

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